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Does Federal Charity Use Taxpayer Millions to Harass Military Veterans?

Federal Charity UseS Taxpayer Millions to Harass Military Veteran TOM QUIGGIN


Thirty-year veteran, ex-military intelligence expert Tom Quiggin asks why a registered charity with alleged links to financing extremism has charitable status in Canada. The charity in question is now pursuing actions to quash Quiggin’s freedom of speech and discredit him. He is challenging this through the launch of a crowdfunding campaign called Operation: Kill Switch, to present evidence on public record within the Superior Court.

Tom Quiggin is a published writer, military veteran and expert in intelligence gathering and counter-terrorism. For over 30 years he has offered his counsel to governments, specialist organizations, and on numerous occasions given his expert testimony as court evidence.

The Quiggin Report is an objective and evidence-based podcast launched in 2018 as a platform to publically share Tom Quiggin’s work in intelligence gathering and analysis. Since its launch, global listenership for the podcast has grown steadily. Now one of the organizations Quiggin alleges to have links to extremism financing has filed a "defamation campaign" suit against him, and 6 other individuals.

Quiggin’s evidence-based podcast show ran a 3-part series between September 17, 2018, and October 9, 2018, where he illustrated, using facts taken directly from government and charity websites, how front groups have established federal charities and raise funds through taxpayers’ donations.

“I have dedicated my life to intelligence gathering”, says Tom Quiggin, “and any claim I make is evidence-based. These kinds of extremist groups have manoeuvred themselves into multiple areas of our society, even government and charity organizations, and it’s time the public became aware of the severity of this growing problem.”

The charity in question receives federal government funding, in the many millions of dollars, to support global initiatives supported by the government of Canada. One of these initiatives is motion M103 - an anti-Islamophobia bill - for which $23 million was provided by the government in June 2018 in support of related activities. The charity received an unspecified portion of this funding. Quiggin, and the others involved in bringing details of the misappropriation of taxpayers’ funding before the Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in October of 2018, are now the targets of a permanent injunction, to restrain Quiggin and the others from raising, publically, any discourse critical of political Islam, aka Islamism.

In response to this organization's actions, Quiggin has initiated an effort to publicly expose extremists engaged in ongoing Lawfare campaigns with a crowdfunding campaign he has termed “Operation: Kill Switch”. Having assembled a team of expert researchers and analysts for this purpose, Quiggin has been building on his investigation.

The lawsuit filed against Tom Quiggin is typical of lawfare (strategic legal warfare) designed to silence criticism for a staggering $2.5 million and includes 6 other individuals from alternative media, including Raheel Raza of Muslims Facing Tomorrow and Tahir Gora of TagTV.

The Quiggin Report team states, “This is an aggressive tactic to censor documented facts and obfuscate the responsibility of the actors involved, and Operation: Kill Switch is our response. The attempt to silence Tom Quiggin and six other entities including the moderate group Muslims Facing Tomorrow, and TagTV, from exposing the facts of extremists operating within Canada and the United States must be prevented from occurring.”

In the run-up to the campaign, Quiggin has been releasing special reports on his podcast detailing the evidence that led up to the lawsuit. During the campaign, he will continue to release evidence through a series of episodes to run throughout the month of April 2019.

Operation: Kill Switch launched on April 2nd, 2019 and received almost immediate support. Within the first day the team had already raised around three thousand dollars in donations.

To see more details of Operation: Kill Switch and support the campaign, go to Quiggin’s GoFundMe campaign here.

The team promises to provide regular updates on its social media channels @QuigginReport on Twitter, Facebook, and the free speech platforms Minds and Gab. Tom Quiggin will also delve more into the details on National Post Radio and Sirius XM, in his weekly talk with Anthony Fury, host of Canada Talks (channel 167).


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